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    The essence of my playing with sculpture is recycling. I hardly ever buy things. And if I do – these are just elements indispensable for construction. I just play with blocks. And the blocks I play with might be plastic water bottles – thousands of which are used every day… Pieces of wood – industrial waste disposed of by companies… Old, used and worn-out mattresses. There are so many objects around. They surround me on all sides driving me to distraction and confusing to such an extent that I totally lost interest in quest of different material, no matter how sophisticated and luring they might be. I am a “junk” collector. I watch my collection without any concept or plan. Being deprived of imagination I start to join those elements, bind them together - out of sheer curiosity. Sometimes the structure formed in this way grows powerful, becomes beyond me, overawes me… I like it when those structures become strong and independent. They become themselves. In fact there are plenty of things I could say – like how fascinated I am by the borderline between fine art and applied art – but what is simply the most important thing for me is everyone’s individual contact with works.

    Dates 16/01/2015 - 28/02/2015
    Domaines art contemporain
    Période XXIe siècle
    Site officiel FEIZI Gallery
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