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Alexandra Roussopoulos

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Alexandra Roussopoulos




Alexandra Roussopoulos

Artiste peintre

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    Alexandra Roussopoulos was born in Paris in 1969, and is of Swiss and Greek descent. Through painting, she explores the relationship among shape, color and space. Her work has always emphasized the importance of artistic dialogue and the connection with others. She regularly collaborates in art projects and has participated in numerous artist residencies in China, Greece, Ireland, and Slovenia. Alexandra has participated in the activities of the APDV art center in Paris, which brings artistic action to the heart of government subsidized housing areas. She has organized and curated two exhibitions, Water and Dreams at the Kamchatka gallery in 2007 and Mauvais Genre in collaboration with Isabel Duperray at a Moroccan gallery in St Nazaire in 2009. Alexandra has exhibited in Switzerland (at Art and History Museum of Neuchâtel, Louis Moret Foundation and the Manoir in Martigny, davel 14 in Cully, Villa Bernasconi in Grand-Lancy, Ferme Asile in Sion, and LAC in Vevey), in France (at L’Art dans les Chapelles, la Cité Radieuse de Le Corbusier in Marseille, the apartment/studio of Le Corbusier in Paris, Marie-Victoire Poliakoff gallery in Paris, and the gallery Scrawitch/Julien BEZILLE in Paris), and China (at Pifo Gallery and the Art Gallery Lelege in Beijing, Shanghai Yard Art Gallery, and National Wetland Museum in Hangzhou). She was awarded the visual arts prize of the René Liechti Foundation in Switzerland in 2010 and the "November in Vitry" painting prize in 2002. She teaches in a preparatory school for art schools in France and abroad (Prép'art) and regularly participates in workshops in France and abroad (in France, at La Hear, Mulhouse and ESBA Le Mans and in China, the Academy of Fine Arts of China and the University of Fine Arts in Hangzhou). Chronology Studied at Heatherley’s school of Art et Camberwell School of Art in London, then at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. 1996-1999 Three main series of paintings (red, green, blue), each of them creating a different universe for each colour. Research on colour and texture, with paint applied to paper laid out on canvas. Experiments around sketchbooks. First presentation of the work on the invitation of Jan Voss at the Julio Gonzalez gallery (Arcueil, France), as part of the event « Rencontres 96 ». A decisive encounter with gallery owners Marie Cornette and Aldo Pajarin, leading to a first solo exhibition at the Cornette-Pajarin gallery (rue du Roi de Sicile, Paris) in 1998. Group exhibition at the Studio de l’Image in Paris. First exhibition abroad in 1999 at the Planque Gallery in Lausanne, Switzerland. 2000-2003 The work becomes more radical, with almost monochrome paintings and square formats. Use of fluorescent colours transforming the light that hits them. Several collaborative projects with other artists: Joan Ayrton, Eric Bauer, Jean-Baptiste Farkas, Lou Inglebert, Catherine Jacquet, Aurélia Jaubert, Martin Mc Nulty, Jean-André Orlandi, Julie Safirstein, Jean de Seynes and Romain Taieb. Teaches Visual Arts for five years at primary school “L’École Aujourd’hui” in Paris. In 2002, receives the International Painting Prize of the city of Vitry-sur-Seine. Another key encounter: Marie-Victoire Poliakoff, leading in 2003 to a first exhibition at the Pixi-Marie-Victoire Poliakoff gallery (rue de Seine, Paris). Correspondances, Carzou Foundation, Manosque, France Galerie 29, Evian, France Novembre à Vitry, art gallery of the city of Vitry-sur-Seine, France 2001 : Swiss Embassy, Paris, France Domaine du Tremblay, Le Tremblay-sur-Mauldre, France 2002 : Correspondances, Musée Colette, Saint Sauveur en Puisaye, France École Spéciale d’Architecture, Paris, France Galerie municipale, Vitry-sur-Seine, France Galerie Grande Fontaine, Sion, Switzerland Collection of contemporary art of the city of Vitry-sur-Seine, France 2003 : Museo Amadeo De Souza, Amarante, Portugal Monasterio de San Cugat del Valles, Catalunya, Spain Contemporary Art Fair of Montrouge, France 2004-2007 Work focusses on the temperature of colour (atmospheric colours evoking the sky and the colours of time). Gradual departure from the traditional canvas, first by rounding up the edges of the frames, then by creating her own shapes-frames: geometric forms first, then organic ones. Colour is pushed out to the edge of the painting. Plays with space, borders and changes of scale. The paintings are verging towards sculpture. Several collaboration with the journal Architecture à Vivre (Eric and Dominique Justmann). In 2004, exhibitions at the Parc de la Villette (Paris) during the event Vivre, c’est habiter. Painting and drawing workshops with socially excluded and elderly people for the charity “Les Petits Frères des Pauvres”. In 2007, curates her first exhibition L’Eau et les rêves featuring 65 artists at the Kamchatka gallery in Le Marais (Paris). The show runs for two months, with different guest curators and invited artists every week. 2004 : Pixi-Marie-Victoire Poliakoff gallery, Paris, France Galerie de l’Aiguillage, Paris, France Récidives, École Spéciale d’Architecture, Paris, France 2005 : Contemporary art centre of Mourenx, France Légèreté, Pixi-Marie-Victoire Poliakoff gallery, Paris, France 2006 : Pixi-Marie-Victoire Poliakoff gallery, Paris, France Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France Galerie Grande Fontaine, Sion, Suisse Paris-Spetses, Fondation Hellénique, Paris, France Paris-Spetses, Galerie Victor Sfez, Paris, France Format Peinture, Maison des Arts et de la culture André Malraux, Créteil, France À la Trace, Galerie Kamchatka, Paris, France 2007 : Galerie du Montparnasse with Benjamin Swaim, Paris, France Art protects, Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris, France Fiac 2007, Grand Palais, Paris, France Galerie Astrolavos, Athens, Greece Merci, Pixi-Marie-Victoire Poliakoff gallery, Paris, France Unfair exhibition, Athens, Greece 2008-2014 The shapes-paintings take over imaginary spaces, slip into images of the real world (historical archives, works of art, maps…), are hung from the walls in minimalist or baroque architectures, and interfere with existing displays in museums or in other artists’ exhibitions. They are projected in impossible projects – ones that haven’t been completed or are just too big to be built. In 2008, creation of murals in the Aftam shelter for immigrants, working with the residents and the association Unicités. Invited by Marie-Fabienne Aymon to show with Martin Mc Nulty at the Louis Moret Foundation in Martigny (Switzerland). In 2008, publication of the monograph Alexandra Roussopoulos by the Louis Moret Foundation, co-published with the Pixi-Marie-Victoire Poliakoff gallery and with financial support by the State of Valais’ council for culture. The book was designed and produced by Maxime Tétard (les Graphiquants) with texts by Elisabeth Lebovici and Brooks Adams. In 2010, receives the René Liechti Foundation’s Visual Arts prize (Switzerland). Exhibition in Le Corbusier’s “Cité Radieuse” and at the festival “L’Art dans les Chapelles”. The shapes are turning into architectures and exploring tri-dimensional space. In 2011, collaboration with landscape architects Bernard Chapuis and Georges Vafias at the Parc Mosaïc in Lille (France). From 2010, teaches painting at Prép’art, a school preparing students to art school entry examinations. Encounter with Yvon Nouzille, the founder of the APDV arts centre, who places art at the heart of the community, in the public spaces of council estates. In 2011, takes part in the exhibition Bonjour organised by APDV. Artist residencies: invited by Brane Kovic to Slovenia, by Isabel Duperray to Chamalot in the region of Corrèze (France), and by John Mc Hugh to the Achill Heinrich Böll Cottage in Ireland. Each of these trips left a strong mark on the evolution of the work. Encounter with Julien Bézille, leading to participating in one of the Scrawitch gallery’s first solo exhibitions, with independent curator Catherine Ferbos-Nakov as the exhibition’s guest curator: the first in a series of future collaborations. Residency in Zhang Jiajie, China, with thirty international artists. First experiements with rice paper that shrouds and filters the colours to the point of making them disappear. Return to the traditional frame and canvas, with a recent series of paintings interrogating pictorial balance through the notions of composition, surface, depth and texture. The work increasingly reflects the importance of the link to others. The paintings are reproduced in several catalogues of solo and group exhibitions, and appear in the contemporary section of Le Livre libre (Les cahiers dessinés, 2010). A monograph, Forma fabulis, is edited by Frédéric Pajak in 2011 and published by Éditions Noir sur Blanc, in the collection “Les cahiers dessinés” (production: Lea Lund / texts: Brooks Adams, Elisabeth Lebovici, Natacha Nataf, Emmanuelle Lequeux / interview with Marie-Fabienne Aymon). 2008 : Louis Moret Foundation, Martigny, Switzerland Pixi-Marie-Victoire Poliakoff Gallery, Paris, France Villa Bernasconi, Grand-Lancy, Suisse Do I know you? Urban Gallery, Marseille, France Galerija Artes, Medana, Slovenia LREI Art Auction, New-York, USA Charity auction for Aides, Drouot Montaigne, under the patronage of Sophie Calle, Paris, France L’étrange beauté du monde, invited by Frédéric Pajak and Lea Lund, Villa Bernasconi, Grand-Lancy, Switzerland Purchase by the State of Valais, Switzerland 2009 : Galerie davel 14, Cully, Switzerland Rencontres n°33, La Vigie, Nîmes, France Papier Machine, Galerie Kamchatka, Paris, France Shortlisted for the Mourlot prize, gallery of the École Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Marseille (ESBAM), Marseille, France Vendanges de Printemps, Chamalot, France Mauvais Genre, co-curated with Isabel Duperray, Galerie Petit Maroc, St-Nazaire, France 2010 : Avenir incertain, utopies multiples, Pixi-Marie-Victoire Poliakoff gallery, Paris, France Là-haut, invited by par Benjamin Swaim, le Sphinx, Paris, France Espace Inventé, Espace Rachel Debreuve, Auxerre, France Transfrontaliers, curated by Philippe Cyroulnik, Hôtel de Ville, Sochaux, France Dialogue d’Artistes Blanc sur Fond Blanc, Pixi-Marie-Victoire Poliakoff gallery, Paris, France Pas du jeu, curated by Véronique Ribordy, le Manoir, Martigny, Suisse Le loft Sévigné, curated by Camille Lambert, Paris, France 2011 : Supercalifragilistic, Louis Moret Foundation, Martigny, Switzerland Dépeindre, 6b, Saint-Denis, France La nuit remue, Episodique gallery, Paris, France 2012 : Les châteaux ambulants, Scrawitch gallery, Paris, France Pullman hotel, Zhang Jiaje, China Cent papiers et autres formes migrantes, LAC, curated by Véronique Ribordy, Vevey, Switzerland 2013 : Gallery Moos, curated by Gordon Novak, Toronto, Canada Art Gallery of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada Home sweet home, curated by Anne Destival et Callisto Mc Nulty, London, England Yard art Gallery, Shanghai, China 2014 : Dépaysages, Scrawitch Gallery, Paris, France Insurrections, Episodique gallery, Paris, France Déplacements, National Wetland Muyseum of China, Hangzhou, China Nissi 2014, Artist Residency, Spetses, Greece 2015 : Open door Studio, organized by Pifo Gallery, Beijing, China Women on paper, Gallery 35, French Institute, Prague, Czech Republic Parties communes, APDV Art Center, Paris, France L’Échapée belle, Museum of Art and History, Neuchâtel, Switzerland Le dépays, Solo exhibition Louis Moret Foundation, Martigny, Switzerland Art MO, Macao International Art Fair, with Pifo New Art Gallery, Beijing, China Feel Paris, group exhibition with Cathryn Boch, Adrien Lecuru, Joël Person and Benjamin Swaim, Art Lelege Gallery, Beijing, China Soon Paris, limited edition art fair, with Scrawitch Editions, Paris, France

    Nationalité Française, Suisse, Grecque
    Domaines Peinture
    Art contemporain
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